How can we improve the UX collaboration in the agile enterprise?

In the enterprises I’ve worked either as employed or as consultant, regardless of the level of the company’s agility, the collaboration between UX and the agile teams have always had a lot of room for improvement. UX are often in a separate type of team and their deliverables are rarely tied into the same user story […]

Don’t Be an Expert Beginner

The technology community is a very difficult community to be in. You’re told not to have the impostor syndrome  and you’re also told not to be an expert beginner . The technology is changing at such a rapid pace that no one can claim to be an expert in even one single programming language because there are […]

What’s your dream project?

An interesting question that I get asked at times by others is what things do you prefer to have on a project to be successful? Everyone have their own preferences and experiences, these are the things I have found important to be successful in delivering value to the business and software of high quality. Trust The […]

Who’s responsible for refactoring?

A topic that frequently comes up when talking to developers is the topic of refactoring. Refactoring is often linked to technical debt. Technical debt is shortcuts that we take consciously or subconsciously (god forbid). Refactoring is one of the most popular technique to address technical debt but not the only way to address it. The […]

Why you should attend the Global Day of Coderetreat

The Global Day of Coderetreat is November 14. It’s a day long event where software developers across the world who have passion to improve their skills and learn get together for a whole day and work on code katas using TDD and pair-programming. Code retreats are only run on this day in some locations, if […]

The dismal state of Javascript testing

Javascript has become one of the most important languages used today. There are many indicators, one of which is GitHub’s report of the most popular languages at GitHub’s repos earlier this tear. If you have worked on any small web project, chance’s are that the testing strategy was lacking. When I saw the result of Ashely Nolan’s front […]