• How can we improve the UX collaboration in the agile enterprise?

    In the enterprises I’ve worked either as employed or as consultant, regardless of the level of the company’s agility, the collaboration between UX and the agile teams have always had a lot of room for improvement. UX are often in a separate type of team and their┬ádeliverables are rarely tied into the same user story as the agile team is working on. In many cases they only communicate directly with the product owner until their design deliverables are ready.

    If there isn’t close collaboration with the agile team throughout the iterative work on the design, we are missing crucial feedback. Everyone make assumptions based on their experience. If only the UX designer and the product owner have the conversations what the UX and customer experience should be in the application based on their bias, it can lead to several problems. It may be too late to change the design if the team have good ideas that wasn’t thought of during the UX design process unless we can delay the release. The amount of work the agile team will need to put in to implement the UX may be larger than it was anticipated which can cause delays or cut the scope of some of the UX.

    What can we do to avoid these problems?

    It starts with trust, get to know the UX designer and the product owner over lunch, drinks after work or just over a coffee. Have good conversations and make sure to listen what UX are thinking and the thoughts they have.

    Invite UX to team activities like team building exercises or dinners to make them feel part of the team.

    Invite UX to the team demo’s so they see how the team is progressing and it may spur conversations and thoughts.

    Don’t go down the destructive path of making assumptions that they don’t want your feedback. They may not know that the agile team wants to collaborate.

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