• Don’t Be an Expert Beginner

    The technology community is a very difficult community to be in. You’re told not to have the impostor syndrome  and you’re also told not to be an expert beginner . The technology is changing at such a rapid pace that no one can claim to be an expert in even one single programming language because there are so many frameworks and platforms that you are expected to have some level of knowledge in. There has been a lot of talk about the impostor syndrome and that it’s natural to feel like an impostor since no one can keep up with all the changes.

    I’ve recently started running into expert beginners in the community more frequently. They have worked on 3 month project using technology X and spend two weekends on technology Y and feel like they fully understand it. Everyone loses if you don’t have the courage to show that you are lacking understanding and depth in an area. You lose because you don’t take the opportunity to learn from someone that have valuable knowledge to share. The person that you don’t ask is missing out on an opportunity to feel valued and feel they make a difference in their community. Your employer or client is missing out because you may make important connections by showing interest and that can help you and them later on.

    It can be hard to let go of the fear of showing that you have gaps in your skillset by asking questions. The reality is that if you have difficulty understanding a concept, it’s very likely that others are also struggling to understand the concept. Help yourself and the others that have the same fear by talking to others and asking them questions and share your experience.

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